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San Jose Jazz SummerFest

San Jose Jazz WinterFest

Jazz on the Plazz
Downtown Los Gatos

Music in the Park
Los Gatos

Home Aid Comedy Show

Redwood City PAL Blues & BBQ Festival

San Pedro Square Market Concerts
San Jose, CA

San Jose Jazz Wednesdays & Fridays
San Jose, CA

Urban Renewal Through the Arts
Urban renewal is the process of reversing the current state of decline in the quality of life in inner city America by implementing a variety of programs that harness creativity to revitalize communities.

These activities can and should be viewed as an economic strategy, a smart investment in the current and future health and vitality of city regions. Research has found that the arts contribute to building community capacity, energizing community-based improvement efforts, educating young people, improving public spaces, and invigorating local economies.

Labadie Productions is proud of its 25 year association with San Jose Jazz, which brings over 100,000 jazz lovers to downtown San Jose every August. Their longtime partnership with the Jazz society has also lead them to create the Wednesday and Friday concert series, bringing people to San Jose for weekday shows on a regular basis. The association with the City of Redwood City has helped produce a new feeling of vitality to the beautifully revitalized downtown through culture-based events.

The cities of the twenty first century need new experts with new tools and Labadie Productions knows that artists and performers contribute an important part in the process. Roads and sewers, necessary as they are, don't make a city extraordinary or fun to live in. Investing in the arts, is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive economic renewal and promote community. The way to build thriving city-regions is to tap into the creativity that thrives through the arts. The means to get people thinking in new ways, is to bring artistic people to the table and Labadie Productions provides just that.